The UN refused to modernize the mechanism for investigating the use of biological and chemical weapons

UN General Assembly

United Nations General Assembly (file photo)

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The first committee of the UN General Assembly rejected the draft resolution of the Russian Federation. It contained a proposal to update the “Mechanism of the UN Secretary General to investigate cases of possible use of chemical and biological weapons.” This became known on Tuesday, November 1.

Among the co-sponsors of the resolution are Belarus, Venezuela, China and Nicaragua, reports RIA News. According to the deputy head of the delegation of the Russian Federation Konstantin Vorontsov, Russia is in favor of strengthening the expert and technical potential of the mechanism. The diplomat stressed that methods for investigating the potential use of chemical and biological weapons have not been updated since 1990. Since then, new threats have emerged, such as bioterrorism. And yet – there was a new equipment that could be used to improve the efficiency of the mechanism.

Earlier it was known that Russia applied with an official complaint to the Chairman of the UN Security Council to initiate an international investigation into the military biological activities of the United States in Ukraine. During the special operation, evidence was found that the United States was developing biological weapons. In addition, drones with containers and equipment were found on the territory of Ukraine that could potentially be used to spray bioweapon agents.

The UN, in turn, said that the organization has neither the mandate nor the ability to investigate Russia’s accusations of US biological laboratories. In addition, the UN is not aware of any biological weapons programs in Ukraine.

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