The UN has promised the imminent lifting of restrictions on food exports from Russia

Warehouse storage of grain

The UN assured the Russian side that the restrictions preventing the export of Russian food and fertilizers to foreign markets under the “product deal” would soon be removed. Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the World Organization, spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia, published on Monday, November 7th.

As the diplomat stressed, Moscow expects specific actions from the UN to lift restrictions on Russian agricultural exports and considers the “logical deadline” for this to be November 18, when the “grain deal” expires.

Polyansky said that “the UN promises us that the result is about to come.” Depending on the effectiveness of the implementation of the part of the deal relating to the export of Russian products, and the effectiveness of the relevant efforts of the UN, Moscow will decide on the extension of the “grain deal”.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously noted that the part of the “grain deal”, which concerns the export of food and fertilizers from Russia, is still “implemented badly”. This calls into question the extension of the agreement after the originally agreed period of its validity expires, despite the calls of the UN as one of the parties to the agreements.

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