the term of service of foreigners in the Russian army was proposed to be reduced

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In Russia, they can reduce the term for concluding a contract for service for foreigners. A similar proposal was made by the Ministry of Defense (MO) of the Russian Federation, report on Thursday, November 10, Vedomosti.

According to the published document, it was proposed to reduce the term of service of foreigners in the Russian Army to one year. If the changes are approved, they will come into effect as early as March 2023.

At the same time, it is envisaged that the term of the contract can be reduced for positions that provide for the military ranks of soldiers, sailors, as well as sergeants and foremen.

In order for a foreigner to get into military service in Russia under a contract, he needs not only to know Russian. It must meet the medical, as well as professional and psychological requirements of military service for certain military specialties. Candidates are carefully checked not only at selection points for service, but also at military commissariats. After that, events are organized for the professional and psychological selection of foreign citizens.

To date, the minimum contract period for foreigners is five years. For Russian citizens, the first contract for military service was concluded for 2-3 years at the choice of a citizen.

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