The Swedish authorities wanted to create a unified northern army due to tensions with the Russian Federation

Sweden allowed the production of weapons for Ukraine

Soldier of the Swedish army. Archive photo

©Brindefalk/Wikimedia Commons

Against the background of tensions with Russia, which will not leave after the end of hostilities in Ukraine, it is necessary to create a unified army of the northern countries. It should include the Armed Forces of Sweden, Finland and Norway. About this in an interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter declared ex-Minister of Defense and current chairman of the Swedish Parliamentary Defense Committee, Peter Hultqvist.

“Russia will remain a problem for all of Europe and the Western world for a long time to come… It is a very important task to manage the armies of Finland, Sweden and Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula in such a way that in practice they act as a single army,” the politician said.

Hultqvist believes the three countries should take responsibility for protecting each other’s borders. For example, he proposes to send Swedish troops to the border of Finland with Russia.

In May, Sweden and Finland, against the backdrop of a Russian special operation, applied to join NATO. The acceptance of these two states, apart from Turkey and Hungary, has already been approved by 28 countries. In order for two countries to become members of NATO, all 30 countries in the Alliance must agree to this. At the same time, Budapest recently announced that they were going to ratify the protocols on the entry of Sweden and Finland into the military bloc by mid-December.

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