The President of Finland said that the country does not intend to host nuclear weapons

President of Finland Sauli Niinstö

President of Finland Sauli Niinstö

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Finnish President Sauli Niinstö said the country does not place “any restrictions” on NATO membership. However, it does not plan to place nuclear weapons on its territory.

Niinstö made this statement during his speech at the opening of national defense courses, transmits RIA Novosti on Monday, November 7th. He called the intention not to deploy nuclear weapons absolute. “And I haven’t seen any signs that anyone is offering it (nuclear weapons – approx. Profile) to us,” the president added.

Now Finland and Sweden are in the process of ratifying their applications to the North Atlantic Alliance. They were approved by 28 countries out of 30 – the exceptions were Hungary and Turkey.

Previously, that the Finnish authorities do not set themselves the task of deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of their country, said the head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He drew attention to the fact that NATO has permanent structures that deal with this issue. According to the Finnish Foreign Minister, the goal of the North Atlantic Alliance is to create a world without nuclear weapons.

NATO indicated that they were not ready to give guarantees to Moscow non-deployment of nuclear weapons in Finland. The Assistant Secretary General of the Alliance said that each country has freedom of choice in the nuclear field. Therefore, the authorities of individual states can accept this type of weapon or refuse it.

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