The Pentagon predicts the formation of three equal nuclear powers by 2030

nuclear weapon

By 2030, the United States will have to deal with two nuclear powers that have about the same arsenal as the Americans. Such a forecast was given on Friday, November 4, by US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kohl during a speech at a seminar at the Brookings Institution in Washington, transmits TASS.

“By the end of this decade and into the early 2030s – for the first time in US history – we will be dealing with not one but two equal nuclear powers,” a Pentagon spokesman said. According to his calculations, China will quadruple its nuclear arsenal in the coming years.

In 2021, Hans Christensen, director of the nuclear information program at the US Federation of Scientists, and his colleague Matt Korda published estimates of the nuclear arsenals of different countries of the world. In their opinion, by the beginning of last year, the Pentagon had almost 3,800 operationally deployed and reserve nuclear warheads, including 5,550 charges already decommissioned and awaiting dismantling. Russia, according to experts, had almost 4,500 deployed and held in reserve warheads. Another 1760 were awaiting dismantling. China, they believed, had 350 nuclear warheads, but other experts estimate that there could be as many as 1,000.

In August, the US Secretary of State stated that the United States reduced nuclear arsenal almost 90% since 1967. According to him, the States will try to move towards abandoning nuclear weapons altogether.

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