The new plant of reinforced concrete products will provide building materials for the whole region of Russia

concrete plant



In a few months since the launch of the plant of reinforced concrete products from the Akvilon Group, it was possible to reach the production of 400 cubic meters of concrete per day and cover the company’s needs for building materials. It is noted that the enterprise can meet the needs of housing construction in the Arkhangelsk region, as well as nearby regions.

Aquilon Group has opened its own production of rebar, piles, concrete mixes and balconies, which is fully operated on Russian equipment, to ensure the stability of construction. The developer’s investments in the purchase of the necessary equipment and production lines amounted to 150 million rubles, writes “Independent building portal”.

The production complex includes two modern concrete mixing units with the production of 400 cubic meters of concrete per day, which were manufactured in Kazan. It also includes a line for the production of piles with a daily capacity of 600 linear meters and a workshop for molding various types of reinforced concrete products.

In addition, the plant has installed equipment designed for the processing of concrete for recycling. Also on the territory of the complex there is a base for storage and maintenance of cargo cranes and construction machines, warehouses for finished products.

“The plant’s capacities allow us to provide all construction sites in the Arkhangelsk region with the necessary building materials. In fact, Aquilon Group has found a technological solution for import substitution not only for itself, but also for the region,” said Alexander Frolov, Chairman of the Board of the company.

Aquilon Group implements projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Arkhangelsk region.

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