The Ministry of Digital Transformation called a sufficient number of information security tools for import substitution

Information security tools

Russia has a sufficient number of information security tools for their import substitution. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Alexander Shoitov.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development also noted that the situation in the field of import substitution of information security tools, cryptographic information protection facilities as a whole “is significantly better than in other areas of information technology.” His words lead RIA News on Thursday, November 10th.

In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on providing technological independence of the country. With this document, he banned from March 31, 2022 government customers to buy foreign software for Russia’s critical infrastructure without the consent of the relevant department.

In addition, in May, the Russian leader instructed the heads of departments, regions, state corporations, state funds, as well as backbone and strategic enterprises “to entrust the deputy head of a body (organization) with the authority to ensure information security.” This includes, among other things, the powers to prevent, detect and eliminate the consequences of computer attacks, as well as respond to “computer incidents”.

From January 1, 2025, it will be prohibited in Russia to use information security tools that originate from unfriendly countries.

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