The Ministry of Digital Development proposed to simplify the issuance of mortgages to IT specialists

Preferential mortgage for IT-specialists
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The Ministry of Digital Development submitted to the Russian government a draft of new rules for issuing mortgages to IT specialists. Preferential mortgages can now be used by employees of all accredited IT companies.

“Previously, the company was supposed to receive tax benefits. Also, the requirements for the level of income of an employee were reduced and the maximum age was increased. The conditions for employment were also simplified,” – reported in the Telegram channel of the ministry.

Conditions for granting a preferential mortgage:

  • The organization must be included in the register of IT companies. The salary level of an employee before the deduction of personal income tax is at least 120 thousand rubles. for million-plus cities. For Moscow – at least 150 thousand rubles, and for other settlements – at least 70 thousand rubles. (previous level – 100 thousand rubles).
  • The age of an IT specialist is from 18 to 50 years old inclusive (previously it was from 22 to 44);
  • After granting a mortgage, it is mandatory to work in accredited IT companies for five years (previously, such employment was assumed for the entire term of the loan);
  • If a specialist quits an accredited IT company, the preferential rate will be maintained for six months.

The Ministry of Digital Development noted that banks have already begun accepting applications for preferential mortgages under simplified conditions from specialists from accredited companies.

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