The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about the role of the Buk complexes in the special operation

Anti-aircraft missile system Buk-M2

Anti-aircraft missile system “Buk-M2” in position. Archive photo

© Ministry of Defense of Russia

Anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M2” and “Buk-M3” of the Central Military District are used in the course of a special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in a number of combat missions. This was announced on Monday, November 7, in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The department noted that the launchers of the Buk-M2 air defense system hit planes, helicopters and shells of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems at a distance of about 40 km, and the Buk-M3 complexes ensure the detection and destruction of enemy air attack weapons on the distant approaches to protected objects, informs TASS.

The joint use of Buk-M2 and Buk-M3 operating at different distances makes it possible to create a layered air defense zone and minimize the effectiveness of an enemy air strike, the Russian Defense Ministry stressed.

The crews of these anti-aircraft missile systems cover the positions of the Russian Armed Forces from the air, as well as the most important administrative and industrial facilities in the new Russian regions.

In the course of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, servicemen of the RF Armed Forces use weapons and military equipment that have already proven their reliability and effectiveness, as well as new developments.

In particular, artillery crews of the RF Armed Forces are engaged in counter-battery combat with the enemy. using guns “Msta-B”. The use of high-explosive, high-explosive fragmentation, as well as precision-guided munitions allows inflicting maximum damage on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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