The London Metal Exchange will not ban the supply of Russian products

London Metal Exchange
┬ęKreepin Deth/Wikimedia Commons

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has decided to abandon the idea to ban the supply of products from Russia. The corresponding statement was published on the official portal of the exchange.

The LME acknowledged that all companies in the market have the right to make their own decision about whether they will work with Russian metal. An artificial restriction on the use of these products from the Russian Federation would affect the clients of the exchange more than the regulator itself, the report says. LME.

On September 29, 2022, information appeared that the LME was discussing a possible ban on the supply of Russian metal to its warehouses. In any case, this measure should not have affected Russian manufacturers that did not fall under the sanctions.

At the same time, earlier in September, already in the FCS, they announced rise in price of export not only Russian metals, but also other raw materials – energy carriers and chemical products.

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