The lawyer explained when neighbors will have to pay debts for housing and communal services

Utility bills
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Payment for heating and lighting of common residential premises of an apartment building is divided among all its residents. If one of them evades payment, the amount is distributed to all his neighbors, lawyer Elena Kuderenko explained to the Russians.

Every month, the owners of apartments and non-residential premises of an apartment building submit meter readings. However, the control of the reliability of these indicators is not always carried out, explains Prime on Wednesday, November 9th.

The payment for the general needs of the house is calculated in two ways. A meter can be installed on the entire house network: it gives a general indicator, from which the data of the residents are then subtracted.

The second option is to set the consumption standard at home. Here, the testimony of residents will be deducted from this indicator, and the resulting amount will be distributed among the owners in proportion to the living space. It is in this case that the neighbors’ trust is most likely to be abused: the consumption rate is calculated only for registered residents, but in fact more people can live in the apartment.

From 2023, the management company of the house will recalculate consumption once a year. However, even before that, residents have the right to determine by common decision the need to carry out such a calculation more often. This will avoid a one-time surcharge “for neighbors”.

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