The James Webb telescope sent an image of a distant galaxy

Photo from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Photo from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

©NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI / Kristen McQuinn

NASA Space Telescope James Webb obtained an image of an isolated galaxy with thousands of ancient stars. How told scientists, we are talking about the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte (WLM) dwarf galaxy, located “only 3 million light-years from Earth” in our neighborhood.

Unlike other nearby galaxies that are intertwined with the Milky Way, the WLM is relatively isolated. This makes it suitable for testing theories of galaxy formation and evolution.

In addition, some of the stars observed today in the WLM formed in the early universe. By determining their characteristics, it would be possible to find out what happened in the very distant past.

“It was really amazing. Seeing it is like looking at our own night sky, the Milky Way, from a dark place. But the view is certainly much deeper and better. it would take bionic eyes to see what Webb sees,” said one of the authors of the mission, Kristen McQuinn.

Previously, an international research team presented first images of the Orion Nebulataken by the Space Telescope. James Webb. The photos were taken as part of the Early Release science program.

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