The expert told how to get a monthly payment for special achievements


The status of “Honorary Citizen” in Russia can be obtained at the level of an entire region, city or municipality. This title gives its holder the right to a number of privileges and benefits, told Agency “Prime” Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya.

As the expert explained, such a title is awarded for high achievements in the development of the economy, production, science, technology, culture, art, upbringing and education, and healthcare. You can also receive the status of “Honorary Citizen” for contribution to environmental protection, legality, law and order, public safety and other areas.

Most of the benefits are set at the regional level, but some additional privileges are the same throughout Russia, Lebedinskaya said. For example, they include free travel on public transport, priority reception by officials.

Upon receiving the status of “Honorary Citizen”, a lump sum payment is due, and then certain amounts are paid every month. They depend on the municipality, the specialist noted. For example, in Moscow, the cash payment is set at 57,383 rubles. per month, and in St. Petersburg it is 10 times the minimum wage (minimum wage).

The right to a pension supplement and a number of other benefits also gives honorary title “Veteran of Labor”which is awarded for conscientious long-term work. The expert told who and under what conditions such a title is awarded, as well as what holders of the title “Veteran of Labour” can apply for.

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