The expert explained whether higher prices for “winter” gasoline are justified

Refueling gas station

Automobile fuel can indeed be divided into winter and summer, but this is a rather arbitrary classification. Since refineries usually supply seasonal fuel to gas stations by default, gas stations’ attempts to sell “winter” gasoline at higher prices are a hoax. About this on Thursday, November 3, told agency “Prime” President of the Independent Fuel Union Pavel Bazhenov.

The expert clarified that the seasonal use of gasoline is regulated by GOST R 51866-2002, depending on the climatic conditions of the regions. In particular, in Moscow, the use of gasoline of medium volatility classes is permissible from October 1 to 31, and from November 1, petrol stations receive fuel of “winter” (“high”) volatility classes.

However, unlike diesel fuel, the differences in gasoline are not so critical, especially for regions with a relatively mild climate. Oil refineries themselves switch to the production of fuel corresponding to the season, so “the consumer has nothing to worry about,” Bazhenov said.

Attempts by gas stations to sell gasoline at a higher price “under the auspices of the fact that it is winter” are nothing more than a marketing ploy, the specialist concluded.

Earlier, the Russian government said that from January to September 2022, the increase in motor fuel prices in Russia amounted to 1%, which is significantly below the inflation rate. The Cabinet assured that continue to control the cost of gasoline and “strictly ensure that prices rise no higher than inflation.”

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