The expert explained whether a pet will save you from autumn depression

Autumn depression in adults

It is impossible to expect that a pet will become a life-saving remedy for depression. In some situations, the appearance of a pet can aggravate the condition. About this on Monday, November 7, told radio Sputnik psychoanalyst Irina Smolyarchuk.

The expert confirmed that communication with a pet can be a good remedy for autumn depression, but only if the pet has been living in the house for a long time – “in a moment of stress, in a moment of panic, in a moment of depression, a pet can be hugged, and this will help.”

A completely different situation develops if a person, in an attempt to get rid of depression, decides to bring a new inhabitant into the house, warned Smolyarchuk. Counting on the fact that “you will urgently get a pet and he will help you” is frivolous. In the process of communicating with a pet, it may turn out that a person does not know how to handle it and how to care for it. New worries will become an additional burden.

If you do not take into account that a pet is not only a pleasure, but also a great responsibility, you can be deeply disappointed, the expert concluded. For seasonal depression, she recommended seeing a specialist rather than getting a pet in the hope that it would get rid of problems.

In autumn, many people complain of a constant deterioration in mood and depression. The psychologist told what it could be connected with, and also gave advice, how to avoid depression.

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