The doctor explained why hair falls out most often

Hair care

Candidate of Medical Sciences Irina Yuzup listed the main causes of hair loss. According to the doctor, the quality and quantity of hair is affected primarily by the lack of absorption of nutrients.

“Hair quality is affected by disturbances in the functioning of the liver and biliary system. Without bile, most nutrients are not absorbed,” the doctor explained. Specialist quotes “Moslent”.

The lack of biologically significant elements in the body can also provoke baldness.

“Microelement and vitamin deficiency is often secondary. It is caused either by insufficient consumption of certain foods, or by improper absorption of nutrients associated with digestive disorders and infections,” said Irina Yuzup.

In addition, hair loss can start when taking certain antidepressants. Stress levels can also lead to baldness.

The process of hair loss accelerates after 40-45 years. However, experts believe that this process can be try to stop.

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