the best amusement parks in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the leaders in bookings for the New Year among Russians. For those who decide to spend holidays in the Emirates with their families, we have compiled a list of the most interesting amusement parks where not only children, but also parents will not be bored.

The best amusement parks are located in two emirates – Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is here that most of the attractions are concentrated, to which you can add the definition of “most-most”.

Parks in Abu Dhabi

It is very convenient to visit amusement parks in the capital of the UAE, as they are all gathered in one place – on Yas Island. Actually, because of this, the island itself is called nothing more than an “island of entertainment.” For example, here is the Yas Marina race track, where the Formula 1 race stage takes place and where you can ride a car in your free time from races. It also hosts UFC series fights and other international competitions. Also on this artificial island are three of Abu Dhabi’s most famous amusement parks – Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros. and Ferrari World.

Ferrari World – this is not just a place where you can have fun – for 12 years of operation, the park has become one of the hallmarks of Abu Dhabi. Surely everyone has seen photos with the famous red roof with the Ferrari logo (by the way, this is the largest logo of the Italian automaker in the world). There are about 40 attractions in Ferrari World, one way or another related to cars and speed. Three are worth mentioning separately.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World


First, Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world. From a standstill, the car accelerates to 240 km/h in less than 5 seconds. With such a speed on a roller coaster, you will not pass anywhere else in the world. Immediately after acceleration, the car soars to a height of 52 meters, passes a loop and flies sharply down, tilting almost 90 degrees. According to the park’s website, passengers experience 4.8 g’s of g-forces while passing through the loop (compared to an airplane taking off experiencing only 1.5 g-forces).

The second attraction is the Turbo Track. Here, the car soars perpendicular to the ground at a speed of more than 100 km / h through the roof of the park to a height of 62 meters, after which it rushes down.

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The third attraction is Flying Aces. Actually, the name “Flying Aces” speaks for itself: the slide offers a “flight” with aviation aerobatics. The attraction entered the list of records as the highest loop of roller coasters in the world, and the speed of the bolide in the form of a biplane of the 30s reaches 120 km / h when passing a 1.5-kilometer track. The “feature” of the track is the steepest initial descent in the world, where the gondola flies at an angle of 51 degrees from a height of 63 meters.

But far from all Ferrari World rides are so extreme: there is, for example, the “children’s” Formula Rossa, which in some places repeats the “adult” track, but with less aggressive loops and at a lower speed. And if you want to completely calm your nerves, then you can go on a “journey” through Italy in miniature in a Ferrari of the 60s.

Warner Bros. Park World Abu Dhabi – one of the newest amusement parks not only in the UAE, but throughout the Middle East. At the time of its opening in 2019, it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest indoor theme park.

The Abu Dhabi complex is Warner Bros.’s third theme park. in the world. It is dedicated to the heroes of films made by the American film studio. At Warner Bros. World 29 rides and two roller coasters. And if Ferrari World is interesting for older children, then Warner Bros. you can walk as soon as the child has learned to walk.

The park is divided into several zones, each of which is dedicated to a hero – Batman, Superman, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo puppy, Bugs Bunny the rabbit, Daffy the duck… And everything is stylized – from rides to souvenirs and food in restaurants in each zone .

Warner Bros. Park  World Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros. Park World Abu Dhabi


Yas Water World – one of the oldest water parks in the UAE, and for almost ten years of work has collected all kinds of awards. Tourist ratings have several times recognized it as the best water park in the world, and, for example, the Bandit Bomber slides, when they opened in 2013, were recognized as the largest and steepest roller coasters in the water parks. Until now, Bandit Bomber is considered a very rare attraction: the length of the track is 550 meters, and although the speed here is not the highest, due to the huge height in some sections, an adrenaline rush is provided to any participant.

In total, there are 45 attractions in Yas Waterworld, many of which will fit the definition of “most-most”. For example, free-fall slides Jebel Drop and Hamlool’s Humps are called “kamikaze”. No less “adrenaline” attraction is Liwa Loop, where the guest is locked in a capsule, and then the floor is opened, and he flies away into the unknown… By the way, in 2020 Yas Waterworld received the Global Brand Awards as the best water park in the world.

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Wind tunnel CLYMB Abu Dhabi. Located next to Ferrari World, CLYMB is the world’s largest wind tunnel at 10 meters high and 32 meters wide. The building also houses the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall at 42 meters.

Pixoul Gaming Park – the newest park in Abu Dhabi, it opened on November 4, 2022. This is the first immersive entertainment complex in the Middle East, designed for fans of computer games. The park has five main areas dedicated to virtual reality games, as well as retro, console and mobile games. There is a training center for professional players and the first eSports academy in the Middle East.

Parks in Dubai

If in the capital of the UAE the parks are located compactly, then in Dubai they are scattered almost all over the emirate.

Dubai Parks and Resorts entertainment complex is not one park, but actually four different ones: Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park. The complex also includes the Riverland Dubai resort area with an artificial river and a promenade, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The area of ​​Dubai Parks and Resorts exceeds 285 hectares, which is approximately 400 football fields. It is impossible to get around all four parks in one day, not to mention trying out the most significant and interesting attractions, and there are more than a hundred of them. Therefore, guests have two options – either to live nearby in a hotel, or immediately choose a park to their liking, because they are completely different.

Motiongate Dubai is a park created jointly with such American film studios as DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, etc. Therefore, most of the attractions are dedicated to Hollywood blockbusters and cartoons. Adults can experience a free fall from the 58-meter Zombieland Breakaway tower or ride the Madagascar rollercoaster at 100 km/h in pitch darkness. Kids can go on a tour of the Shrek swamps or visit the Smurfs.

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A park Bollywood Parks Dubai dedicated to Indian cinema, 3D and 4D attractions predominate here. A park Legoland Dubai and water park Legoland Water Park created in collaboration with a Danish toy manufacturer and mainly designed for the youngest guests, for whose services entire cities are built from Lego. At a special circuit, children can learn how to drive a car and pass on the right, and in the Lego Adventure zone, they can dive in a submarine in a pool with sharks.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Park is a huge, fully indoor and air-conditioned amusement park. At the time of its opening in 2016, it was recognized as the largest indoor amusement park, but three years later it was overtaken in size by Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi.

The area of ​​IMG Worlds of Adventure is comparable to the area of ​​28 football fields. There are more than 20 rides and rides inspired by Marvel comics and Cartoon Network cartoons, and there is also a special Lost Valley zone with dinosaurs. The park will be interesting for children from 7-8 years old.

The most extreme attraction is the Velociprator rollercoaster. By the way, in Dubai, this is the highest and fastest roller coaster, where the fireballs accelerate to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. The length of the route is more than a kilometer, during which there will be two 360-degree flips and a complete “dead loop”. They could not fit the entire track under the roof, so it goes beyond the territory.

In addition, the park has a roller coaster with a scary name Predator (“Predator”) and a route length of only 360 meters, as well as an overturning Thor Thunder Spin swing.

Aquaventure Waterpark – perhaps the most famous and most visited water park in the United Arab Emirates. It is located on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The park’s website claims that it has 105 attractions, and the water park itself is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world.

Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai


Of the interesting attractions, one can single out the Poseidon’s Revenge slide, on which you fly down an almost sheer pipe from a height of 25 meters, as well as the attraction with the telling name The Leap Of Faith (“Leap of Faith”). This slide can be called the hallmark of the park: here, from the height of a nine-story building, a visitor flies down an open pipe almost vertically, and then gets into a tunnel and an aquarium with sharks and rays flies by. The speed at which a person moves in the tunnel is about 40 km / h, so you won’t see any sharks next to you, but according to the numerous photos on the park’s website, they really are in the aquarium.

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If you want to drive through the tunnel through the aquarium and still see the sharks, then it is better to go to the Shark Attack hill – here your speed will not be so extreme.

Wild Wadi Waterpark – a direct competitor to the previous water park, but if it is significantly inferior in size, then it more than outperforms the rival in terms of the steepness of the slides. The park has 27 slides and 23 pools. The most “adrenaline” ride is Jumeirah Sceirah. Its height is 120 meters, and the speed that a person flying along it develops reaches 80 km / h. In addition, Wild Wadi boasts the largest artificial wave pool in the Middle East and a river with waves up to a meter high. The water park is located next to the famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

Virtual Reality Park Play DXB is the largest indoor virtual reality park in the world. It is located in the Dubai Mall, where it occupies two floors. Guests are offered 30 unique VR attractions – virtual adventures and sports simulators. The most popular is called Burj Drop – an extreme descent along the wall of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

Park in Ras Al Khaimah

Jais Adventure Peak – not a classic amusement park, which we described above. In fact, this is a natural park in the mountains of Jebel Jais with observation decks and one attraction, but what: the longest zipline in the world. It is called Jebel Jais Flight – it is a cable car with a length of 2.83 km. Immediately after the opening of the zipline in 2018, its record length was listed in the Guinness Book.

The launch starts at an altitude of 1680 meters above sea level (one of the highest points in the UAE), and ends on a 9-ton platform with a glass floor, which is suspended at a height of 80 meters above the ground and resembles a soaring bird of prey. Flight speed exceeds 120 km/h.

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