the ban on tourist visas for Russians has no time frame

Entry to Finland

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said at a press conference in Vilnius that the ban on the issuance of tourist visas to Russian citizens has no time frame.

Niinistö arrived in Vilnius on a working visit. At a briefing on the results of the visit, journalists asked whether a time frame would be introduced to ban the issuance of visas to Russian citizens, the public broadcasting corporation explains. YLE.

In response to this question, Niinistö stated that at the moment he does not see any signs that this ban can be lifted in the near future. He also pointed out that Finland has every right not to issue visas to Russians for as long as necessary.

On September 30, the decision of the Finnish government to close the borders for tourists from Russia came into force. The introduced restrictions will not affect Russians who want to enter the country by humanitarian reasons. Exceptions will also be made for citizens of the Russian Federation who arrive in Finland for family reasons, to study, work or for treatment.

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