The arrival of winter in the Moscow region is postponed

First snow in Moscow
© Andrey Nikerichev / Moskva Agency

A noticeable increase in air temperature is expected in the capital region, as well as in St. Petersburg. Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, spoke about this on Sunday, November 6.

Meteorologist told in an interview with TASS that in Moscow in recent days the average daily temperature has dropped below 0°C. If such a transition through the zero mark into the negative range is stable, it is associated with the arrival of winter.

However, for now, according to Vilfand, the onset of winter in the capital region is being postponed due to the projected warming. On Monday, November 7, the thermometers will rise to 2-4°C, by Wednesday the temperature will rise to 7°C in Moscow and up to 9°C in the Moscow region.

In general, the temperature background will exceed the standard values ​​by 3-5°C, and there will be no negative temperatures even at night, starting from Tuesday.

A similar picture will emerge in St. Petersburg, where warming is expected as early as Sunday, November 6th. Throughout the upcoming working week, the northern capital will be 3-6°C warmer than normal, a representative of the Hydrometeorological Center said.

Earlier, the weather center “Phobos” said that in 2022 November in Central Russia will be 2-3 ° C warmer than it should be according to the climate. A positive temperature deviation from the norm is expected in all three decades of the month. Only at the junction of November and December, the thermometers will return to the climatic channel. Although usually climatic winter comes in the central regions of Russia on November 10, in 2022 she will be 1-2 weeks late.

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