Temperature record broken in St. Petersburg for the second day in a row

Weather in Saint Petersburg

On Thursday, November 10, a new temperature record was broken in St. Petersburg, in the afternoon the thermometer reached +10.2°C. This was told by the chief weather forecaster of the city Alexander Kolesov.

“The air temperature in St. Petersburg has overcome the cherished mark of today’s extreme. Now in the city + 10.2 ° C, it is not even clear how much higher it will be by the end of the day. We will definitely decide in the evening,” – wrote specialist in his Telegram channel.

He also added that those who are fed up with heat records need to wait a couple more days. Winter will come to the northern capital next week.

Kolesov previously said that the day of November 10, 2022 in St. Petersburg will become the warmest day for the entire observation period since 1881. The last record was set in 1916, when the air warmed up to +8.7°C.

In addition, Thursday night in St. Petersburg became the warmest since 1939. The thermometer did not fall below +9.2°C. And the day before in the city he was beaten temperature record 1926.

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