Sweden will conduct an additional investigation at the site of the emergency at Nord Stream

Gas leak in the underwater part of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline

Gas leak in the underwater part of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (file photo)

©Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency

The Swedish Security Service will conduct an additional investigation into the incident on the Russian Nord Stream, it will be held with the support of the country’s armed forces. This was announced on Friday, October 28th.

According to statement departments, the investigation of events on gas pipelines is carried out in the country by the security police under the leadership of the prosecutors of the Swedish National Security Service. “The qualification of the crime is sabotage with aggravating circumstances,” the report says.

Some additional investigative actions will be carried out at the scene, the department noted.

On September 26, explosions occurred at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. In total, four large gas leaks were discovered on the two pipelines in the territorial waters of Sweden and Denmark. The Swedish authorities stated that are not going to allow Russia to investigate what happened. Moscow at the same time intends to seek their participation in the process.

In Germany, Denmark and Sweden, they indicated that they did not exclude the version of targeted sabotage on gas pipelines.

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