surrounded by a 100-year-old British woman told about her principles of life


Evelyn Fleming, a resident of the village of Bushmills in Northern Ireland, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends. The woman was born in 1922 and has lived all her life in Bushmills. She holds the title of the oldest inhabitant of this village, and is very proud of it.

Fleming has three children: daughter Sandra and sons Sean and Robin. According to the long-lived daughter, her mother was “blessed with good health.” She notes that a woman often says that the secret to a long life is to have fun and laugh with people.

“Mom always liked to be around friends and laugh, she was the youngest of four children, she had two sisters, Lizzy, who died at 90, Violet at 80, so we are just glad that, well, we had the opportunity to celebrate 100 mum’s birthday,” Sandra points out. About it informs Coleraine Chronicle.

Earlier, the 108-year-old woman said, how to live to that age. According to her, you need to keep moving in order to move forward.

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