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Usually hair begins to lose strength after 40-45 years. Hairstyle can thin out, hair can fall out. However, this process can be stopped using relatively simple and effective methods, says cosmetologist, dermatologist and trichologist Tatiana Egorova.

According to the expert, the condition of the hair after 45 years is primarily affected by the changed hormonal background. Therefore, during this period, it is especially important to choose the right hair care, informs “City”.

The trichologist explained that after 40-45 years, the hair should not be subjected to hard staining. The follicles are already too sensitive to external stimuli. Chemical exposure will adversely affect the hair.

At the same time, you can still dye your hair, but you should choose the softest and highest quality preparations. They won’t burn your hair.

In addition, the expert recommended, in general, to treat the hair more carefully and make various nourishing masks without fail. Gray hair should be masked with henna, it also affects the hair softer than chemical coloring.

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