Seven killed in helicopter crash in southern Italy

Helicopter Agusta A109

Helicopter Agusta A109 (file photo)

©Mike Peel/Wikimedia Commons

Seven people died due to a helicopter crash near the Italian city of Foggia. This became known on Saturday, November 5th.

According to journalists, the five dead are a family from Slovenia, tourists. Among them is a 13-year-old girl, informs edition of Il Messaggero. In addition, the pilot and a local medical worker were killed.

It is known that the helicopter took off from the Tremiti Islands. Tourists arrived there the day before and could not immediately return due to bad weather. The flight was rescheduled for a day. As a result, a doctor joined the tourists, who completed his shift at the hospital and returned home.

During the helicopter flight, there was a thunderstorm in the Tremiti area. The exact causes of the incident will be announced after the completion of the investigation.

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