Serbs left all institutions of power in the self-proclaimed Kosovo

Serbs withdrew from all institutions of power in Kosovo

Kosovo Police. (File photo)

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The Serbs have decided to leave all the political institutions of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, the parliament, the government and four municipalities in the north of the region. In addition, they suspended their presence and work in the judiciary and the police in the territory. This was announced on Saturday, November 5, by the leader of the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, the chairman of the Serbian List party, Goran Rakic, transmits TASS.

“We, the political representatives of the Serbs from the north of Kosovo and Metohija, after today’s meeting unanimously decided <...> to call on Pristina to respect international law, the Brussels agreements,” the politician said.

He said that the decision to withdraw from all institutions of power in Kosovo will remain in effect until Pristina withdraws its decision on car numbers and forms the Community of Serbian Municipalities. After these words, Goran Rakic ​​announced that he was leaving the post of government minister.

The Serb leader’s speech was followed by statements about the Serbian deputies’ withdrawal from the parliament. Judges and heads of municipalities also announced their resignations. And the Serbian police leaders during the meeting took off their uniforms and shoulder straps of Kosovo.

The Kosovo authorities have decided to start fining motorists who have not changed their Serbian license plates. It is assumed that the fines will amount to €150, and after April 21, 2023, the police will begin to confiscate cars with Serbian numbers.

Former President of Serbia declaredthat sees the approaching danger of violent conflict in Kosovo. According to him, the presence of the special forces of the Pristina police is increasing in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, more and more employees and equipment are appearing.

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