Russians warned about the consequences of late payment of property taxes

Liability for non-payment of taxes

November is the last month during which Russians can pay property taxes without fines. Lawyer Sergey Sorokin told Tula news service, which threatens taxpayers who do not fulfill their obligation on time.

According to the specialist, in case of non-payment of property taxes, including transport and land taxes, penalties will be automatically charged for each day of delay until December 1.

After the tax inspectorate receives information about the debtors, measures will be taken to collect the debt. From the tax office, this data can be transferred to the judicial system, after which the bailiff service will deal with this issue, Sorokin warned.

Since there is no legislative limit on the amount of debt at which the tax inspectorate has the right to apply to bailiffs, hypothetically this can happen on the very first day after the expiration of the property tax payment deadline. According to Sorokin, there were cases when “a person was charged 18 kopecks of fine, and his case was already sent to the court.” For this reason, delaying the payment of taxes based on a small amount of debt is not recommended.

In 2022, citizens of the Russian Federation must pay taxes for 2021. The receipts were sent out by the Federal Tax Service until November 1. “Profil” previously told what property tax rates are in Russia, as well as who can apply for benefits.

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