Russians can write off money from the card twice

bank card

Money that was debited twice from a bank card can be returned within a few days. Semyon Yankevich, Deputy Dean of the HSE Faculty of Law, announced this on Thursday, November 10, warning Russians about such cases.

So, according to the expert, double debiting of funds is possible – it occurs with an error code at the checkout or unstable Internet speed during payment in an online store, writes prime agency. In this case, you should require a purchase receipt and a refusal, and then contact the bank.

In a credit institution, it is necessary to name the place, as well as the time of debiting money. If you have a problem with the online store, you can contact support. According to the lawyer, the banks will return the money within a few days. But if fraud is suspected, such a trial could take up to 120 days, he warned.

Sometimes money can be withdrawn from a bank card without the knowledge of the owner. The lawyer previously explained who is in Russia has a legal right to.

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