Russia will increase the number of professions for which foreigners can work without quotas

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
©Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation/

In the Russian Federation, they intend to increase from 149 positions to 161 the list of professions for which foreign citizens can be employed outside of quotas. The draft document was prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia. It has been put up for public comment. writes agency “Prime” on Friday, November 11th.

In particular, it is proposed to include 16 positions in the list of professions that require high qualifications, among them:

  • motor grader driver;
  • tractor driver;
  • locksmith of mechanical assembly works;
  • electric gas welder.

In the list of new and promising professions that require secondary vocational education, they intend to include an operator of machine tools with program control and an editor. It is proposed to exclude 22 professions from the current list, including assistant director and coach of the sports team.

The Ministry of Labor indicated that changes are being made to the positions of the general director and director of the enterprise. Employment in these positions will also be allowed, but only in large and medium-sized companies.

In addition, it is proposed to establish a delay for the entry into force of the document. Now after its publication, this period is determined by 10 days. The Ministry of Labor proposes to increase it to six months. The agency believes that this period will provide an opportunity for foreigners who intended to find work in the Russian Federation to implement their plans in accordance with applicable regulations.

There are quotas for employment in Russia of visa foreigners. Their size is annually approved by the government of the country. Since March 29, 2022, a new list of professions has been in force in the Russian Federation for which foreign citizens can be hired outside the quota.

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