Russia proposes new measures to support NWO participants

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A letter has been sent to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin containing proposals for a unified federal list of benefits, as well as measures to support participants in the special operation in Ukraine and their families. According to Andrei Turchak, secretary of the General Council of United Russia, draft federal laws have already been prepared and sent to the government for conclusion.

In his Telegram channel, he notedthat, regardless of place of residence, each participant in the NWO should receive a single set of support measures and benefits. If some Russian regions lack their own funds for this, the difference should be covered by the federal budget.

Among the proposed measures:

  • One-time payment of at least 195 thousand rubles. for citizens and volunteers called up for military service.
  • Exclusion of accrual of interest on the amount of the principal debt on consumer and mortgage loans of military personnel participating in the SVO and members of their families during the period of “credit holidays”. In this case, compensation to credit institutions from the federal budget should be provided.
  • Free two meals a day for children of SVO participants, as well as dead combat veterans. The measure applies to children who study both at school and at home.
  • The right to free prescription drugs for underage children of military personnel who died in a special operation.
  • The right to free annual vouchers to the sanatoriums of federal bodies for family members of military personnel who have lost their breadwinner, elderly parents, as well as disabled parents of dead officers.
  • The right to annual treatment or rest in boarding houses and sanatoriums of the federal bodies of the Russian Federation for half the cost of a voucher and free round-trip travel for war veterans.
  • The right to free travel on public transport for combat veterans. We are talking about transport that carries out routes within the boundaries of settlements.
  • The right to receive free legal assistance for members of the NWO, volunteers, mobilized and their families.

At the end of October Mishustin signed a resolution on measures to support mobilized citizens. The measures concern those called up for military service in accordance with the decree of September 21 on partial mobilization, including entrepreneurs who are the heads and at the same time the sole founders of companies.

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