Russia has notified the SKC about withdrawing from the “grain deal”

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┬ęPeter Giovannini/ Look Press

The Russian authorities informed the UN Coordinator at the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) in Istanbul, Amir Abdullah, about the temporary suspension of participation in the “grain deal”. On Sunday, October 30, said the representative of the SKC Ismini Palla.

As Palla noted, Moscow informed Amir Abdullah of its concern about ensuring the safety of ship traffic in the framework of the “Black Sea Grain Initiative”, informs RIA News.

Abdullah, in turn, conveyed this information to the Turkish and Ukrainian delegations at the Joint Coordination Center.

On October 29, Russia officially notified the UN Secretary General of the suspension of participation in the “grain deal”. This decision was made after the Armed Forces of Ukraine used the humanitarian corridor for the export of food from Ukraine as a cover for the attack on the Sevastopol raid.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that in connection with the actions of Kyiv, which were led by British specialists, the Russian side could no longer guarantee the safety of civilian bulk carriersparticipating in the “Black Sea Initiative”.

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