Rosatom will supply Brazil with raw materials for a nuclear power plant

NPP construction

A subsidiary of the state corporation Rosatom has won a tender for the supply of raw materials for the production of fuel elements for a nuclear power plant in Brazil. The total cost of tenders exceeds $140 million.

The results of the tenders were made public on Friday. According to the documents of the state-owned company Industrias Nucleares do Brasil, a subsidiary of Rosatom’s subsidiary from Germany will supply Brazil with 330 tons of uranium hexafluoride. The company will also enrich uranium, writes Saturday, October 29, TASS.

In April, Rosatom announced that the corporation was participating in construction projects 35 nuclear power units abroad. They are at various stages of implementation. At the same time, the international situation affected foreign projects. “Sorry for such a word, it has distorted the entire world logistics, a complete, so to speak, leapfrog with exchange rates,” explained the director of Rosatom.

Earlier, the state corporation reported that it did not see any particular problems in the transition to settlements with foreign customers for rubles. Rosatom has already worked out such mechanisms during the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The contract and main deliveries were calculated in US dollars, and mutual settlements were made in rubles.

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