Residents of Moscow warned about “technogenic black ice”

Roman Vilfand

Scientific Director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand

©Collage / Pravda Komsomolskaya/Global Look Press / Shutterstock/Fotodom

In the Moscow region on November 6, there may be “technogenic black ice” on roads. Therefore, some sections of the tracks are likely to be slippery. Natural black ice is expected in the capital the next day. This was announced on Saturday, November 5, by the scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

The essence of “technogenic black ice” is that a small amount of fallen snow melts under the heat of car exhaust pipes on busy highways, and then freezes again when the flow of traffic weakens. From here, slippery areas are formed, transmits TASS.

Conditions for “real black ice” in Moscow will develop on Monday, November 7th. “It will already be natural, natural, as precipitation is predicted, the temperature is about zero degrees plus a breeze,” the meteorologist said.

This weekend, Moscow residents were promised comfortable and sunny weather. It was noted that it will not be hot, and slight frosts are likely at night. The meteorologist explained that if at night the temperature drops below 0°C, and during the day the thermometer rises higher, then with a strong wind, icing of road sections occurs, sleet is formed.

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