Quick vinaigrette in a pan: a simple but delicious salad

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The standard way to make vinaigrette involves long cooking vegetables, but you can do otherwise and make the vinaigrette faster, right in the pan. This simple, but tasty and satisfying salad is suitable for serving on both a festive and everyday table.


  • beets – 2 pcs;
  • carrots – 2 pcs;
  • potatoes – 3 pcs;
  • vegetable oil – 5 tbsp. l.;
  • water – 80 ml;
  • pickled cucumbers – 3 pcs;
  • onions – 1 pc;
  • canned green peas – 200 g;
  • salt – 1 tsp ;
  • black pepper – 0.5 tsp.

Step by step recipe:

  1. We clean beets, carrots and potatoes. We cut them into small cubes.
  2. Mix the beets in a separate bowl with three tbsp. l. vegetable oil. Then put it on the pan.
  3. Next, put a layer of carrots on the beets, a layer of potatoes on it.
  4. Add water to vegetables. Cover the pan with a lid, put on a strong fire.
  5. Cook vegetables for five minutes. then turn off the fire. Leave covered until completely cool.
  6. We cut cucumbers and onions into small cubes.
  7. We mix the cooled vegetables from the pan with cucumbers, onions and green peas.
  8. Salt, pepper, pour in the remaining vegetable oil. The salad is ready to serve.

Beets can become the basis of not only vinaigrette, but also more unusual salad. It also cooks very quickly.

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