Psychologists have listed 4 main signs of the death of a relationship

Even in the most ideal relationship at first glance, problems arise. Some of them can be resolved fairly quickly, while others can drag on for a long time and indicate that the union is coming to an end. Experts have listed the main signs of the death of a relationship.

Do you prefer to spend more time with your friends than with your partner?

You used to spend a lot of time together because you really enjoyed every second of each other’s company, but now you don’t do it anymore. Here you need to think about why this is happening. Perhaps you no longer perceive your partner’s company as something pleasant, you cannot relax next to him, or you constantly quarrel.

There is no conflict in relationships

Despite the fact that quarrels in a relationship do not bring joy to anyone, the complete absence of conflicts is also not a good sign. Strong relationships are based, among other things, on the expression of your individual needs. Having disagreements with a partner, you tell him that something does not suit you, you try to find a solution together, because you care.

You constantly criticize each other

As you become more and more aware of what annoys you about your partner, there is a temptation to criticize and withdraw. Sometimes it’s really important to say that something doesn’t suit you, but constantly mentioning all the annoying behaviors or bad habits is an unhealthy sign. By criticizing your partner too often, you are actually making it clear that you do not approve of him, writes Psychology Today.

You don’t express gratitude to each other

If you show gratitude for what your partner does for you, you motivate each other to keep doing it. However, if there is a lack of gratitude in the relationship, and you do not appreciate each other’s actions, this can lead to separation.

Previously psychologists have listed other signs that the relationship is doomed. For example, they believe that unrealistic expectations from each other can destroy the union.

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