Peruvian Indians Capture 150 Tourists and Demand Attention to Oil Spill


Lima, Peru


The indigenous people of Peru (Urarinas region, Loreto province) seized a ship with foreign tourists. They demanded attention to oil spills on the river due to a damaged pipeline.

About 150 people are on board the hijacked ship. These are citizens of the USA, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and Spain, among them there are children, the disabled and the elderly, clarifies Reuters.

The indigenous people of Peru, who captured the ship, said they took this step because the local government had previously ignored 46 appeals for a solution to the oil spill. The spill resulted in the deaths of two children and one woman.

To date, none of the captured passengers have been injured. However, the local community has vowed to keep the tourists away until authorities arrive in the region to deal with the oil spill.

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