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house in winter

The first snowfalls often take summer residents by surprise. Especially when it comes to night time – by morning the entire area may be in snowdrifts. In fact, it is possible to solve the problem without any special equipment and without reagents. The old but proven rustic way with a shovel and polyethylene will help.

The main mistake most summer residents make when cleaning snow is the wrong pattern of actions. First, cleaning should start from the door of the house to the gate. Secondly, throwing snow just on the lawns is inefficient – these actions will only waste energy, informs Lifehacker.

It will be much more productive to take a snow shovel and a dense film for cleaning. The cloth is tied in a knot on one side – an impromptu drag is obtained. Now the snow does not need to be constantly thrown to the side: it is enough to stand in one place and unload the entire crust onto the film.

Thus, the entire volume of snow from a significant area can be immediately dragged to the side where it will not interfere.

The summer season does not end for everyone with the onset of the first cold weather. You can also come to a country house in winter – earlier “Profile” posted simple tipswhich will help to make the cottage warm and comfortable even in a snowstorm.

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