North Korea fires at least 10 different types of missiles

North Korea launches ballistic missile

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On Wednesday, November 2, the North Korean military launched at least 10 missiles of various types. Such information is provided by the South Korean Ministry of Defense, but details about specific types of missiles are not reported.

Seoul emphasized that one of the launched ammunition, related to short-range ballistic missiles, for the first time during such launches, fell in close proximity to the territorial waters of South Korea – slightly south of the northern dividing line, which South Korean politicians consider the actual border with the DPRK. informs TASS.

A meeting of the National Security Council was held in South Korea, during which the head of state demanded that Pyongyang be held accountable for its actions.

The South Korean Chiefs of Staff emphasized the unacceptability of the continuation of missile launches by the DPRK, and also assured that the South Korean military would respond decisively to these “unprecedented actions.”

A series of missile launches by the DPRK was carried out shortly after South Korea declared its intention to change its approach in foreign policy towards North Korea and take a course towards preventing the use of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang instead of policy of containment of the development of the nuclear program of the DPRK.

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