New U.S. aid package to Ukraine will include antennas to improve communications on the battlefield

Military satellite dish

Military satellite dish (illustration)


A new package of aid from the United States to Kyiv will include antennas to improve communications on the battlefield. This was stated by the representative of the US Department of Defense on Friday, October 28.

“These satellite communications antennas will provide additional communications power to Ukrainians at a critical time,” the Pentagon said. In addition, the military department noted that these are the first deliveries to Ukraine of antennas that are not related to Starlink. And, accordingly, they will not be affected by possible uncertainty with funding, informs RIA News.

It was previously known that Washington Expresses Concern Musk’s “threats” regarding the termination of service for the Starlink satellite communications system in Ukraine. The entrepreneur said that his structures are no longer able to finance the existing system, as well as send thousands of terminals, “which use 100 times more information than ordinary households.”

Musk then changed his mind and assured that SpaceX would continue to serve the satellite network in Ukraine for free. He said that the work of 11,000 out of 25,000 terminals is paid for by a number of countries, organizations and individuals.

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