Nearly 100 dead in Philippines storm

storm in the philippines
©Abra local government unit/XinHua/Global Look Press

Tropical Storm Nalji has killed 98 people in the Philippines. Another 69 people were injured.

People died as a result of drowning, landslide and fatal injuries received from falling trees, reported in a report by the Philippine National Council for the Prevention and Management of Natural Disasters.

Because of the storm, 69 people were injured, 63 more are missing. The natural disaster affected more than 1.8 million people. The storm destroyed about 4.1 thousand houses and 37 infrastructure facilities. Including roads, schools, bridges and government buildings.

The storm also affected nine Philippine airports, only two of which are currently operational. 444 flights were cancelled. Now “Nalji” is moving along the island of Mandanao in a south-westerly direction. Its speed reaches 20 km/h.

This is not the first major natural disaster in the fall of 2022. In October, at least 45 people died due to Hurricane Ianthat hit the US state of Florida.

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