NASA to send mission to Psyche in 2023

asteroid Psyche
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The launch of the mission of the interplanetary automatic station Psyche (“Psyche”) to the asteroid of the same name is scheduled for October 2023. This was announced on Saturday, October 29, at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The mission to Psyche was originally supposed to begin in 2022, but the launch was postponed: NASA felt that the hardware and software had not been thoroughly tested enough, informs Interfax.

If launched in 2023, the probe will orbit Psyche in 2029, located in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The research plan assumes the operation of the probe for 21 months. The device will have to take pictures of the surface of Psyche, study its magnetic field and bowels.

Psyche is over 200 kilometers in diameter, making it the largest known M-type celestial body. The study showed that the value of all metals in Psyche, which consists of them by about 30%, exceeds the volume of the world economy. According to calculations, only one iron, located in the bowels of the asteroid, is worth about $10 thousand quadrillion.

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