Named 4 mistakes that beginners make in their desire to plant greenery in an apartment

Those who first decide to add indoor plants to the interior often make a number of common mistakes. How to avoid them, experts said. They also gave advice on landscaping the apartment.

Repeat beautiful ideas from the Internet

The desire to green up an apartment often appears when viewing photos of aesthetic interiors, where flowers fill every room. However, behind a beautiful picture is usually a careful preparation of the frame. It is not uncommon for plants to be positioned at the right points just before shooting.

How to do better: analyze whether your interior really needs a large number of indoor plants. Perhaps you want to add color or spice up a space – you can do it with other items: carpet, posters on the wall, bright pillow covers, new curtains.

Choose plants according to their appearance

The desire to decorate an apartment often leads to the fact that flowers are selected according to their appearance. As a result, light-loving tropical flowers with spectacular leaves are placed in insufficiently lit rooms. However, under inappropriate conditions, the plant may die.

How to do better: when choosing flowers, you need to build on the conditions in the apartment, and then, taking this into account, select suitable plants, writes magazine “Ideas of your home”.

Do not take into account the time needed for care

Every plant needs proper care. Many give birth to “capricious” flowers, and then they do not have time to water them, fertilize them, and monitor the general condition.

How to do better: Before buying a houseplant, you need to read information about caring for it and compare it with your schedule. Also consider who will look after the plants while you are away.

Buy many plants at once

For inexperienced gardeners, a large number of plants in the apartment can turn into a problem. Some varieties will not take root in the apartment, others may start to get sick, others will need more care than you originally expected.

How to do better: plant no more than a couple of plants at least 2-3 weeks apart. During this time, you will understand whether the chosen place suits the flowers, whether you are coping with the care, whether you want to start more of these varieties.

Caring for indoor plants can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. If you are a beginner and afraid of difficulties, choose undemanding plants.

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