Muscovites promised frosts and snow on November 14

In Moscow and the region extended the yellow level of weather danger
©Vedyashkin Sergey/Moskva Agency

Warming in the capital region will be strong, but short-lived. Already from Monday, November 14, the air temperature will return to negative values. Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, spoke about this on Thursday, November 10.

How informed meteorologist in an interview with TASS, on Thursday and Friday, the thermometers will show values ​​​​by about 7 ° C. This weather is more like the beginning of October.

On Saturday, the temperature will be even higher, up to 9-11°C, and in the southern part of the Moscow region – up to 12°C. It is possible that on this day a new temperature record for November 12, which still belongs to 2010, will be set. Then on that day, 9.3°C was recorded in the metropolitan area.

However, from the second half of Sunday, the temperature will begin to decrease, and on Monday, November 14, both at night and during the day, it is predicted from minus 3°C to plus 2°C. There will be light snow in places.

Earlier in Moscow it was recorded local temperature record: the night of November 9 in the capital turned out to be the warmest minimum since 1948. The minimum night temperature in the city, according to the VDNKh weather station, was +5.8°C. The weather center “Phobos” noted the high probability of new records in the next four nights.

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