London and Tokyo to sign defense agreement


Japan and the UK plan to sign a defensive alliance agreement in December 2022. This was announced on Saturday, November 5, by sources familiar with the discussion of this topic.

How writes The Financial Times, London and Tokyo are committed to expanding defense cooperation with each other, as well as strengthening partnerships with the United States in the Indo-Pacific region, to improve the effectiveness of efforts to contain the growing threat from China. Japan fears clashes with China over Taiwan’s status.

The signing of such an agreement will allow Japan and the UK to simplify mutual procedures for organizing exercises and maneuvers. In addition, a number of bureaucratic barriers will be removed in situations that require the entry of the military of one of the states into the territory of another.

Along with this, the British and Japanese authorities, according to sources, in December will disclose the details of the agreement on the joint development of new fighters.

Official comments on this topic from the political leaders of Japan and the UK have not yet been received.

Earlier, the Japanese authorities discussed the topic of stability in the Indo-Pacific region with representatives of the United States, South Korea and Australia as part of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue. The United States confirmed that they remain committed strengthening relations with Japanincluding in the field of security.

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