Kyiv urged to expel the Russian Federation from the G20 after the withdrawal from the “grain deal”


Russia’s decision to temporarily suspend participation in the “grain deal” requires a tough international response. This opinion was expressed on Saturday, October 29, by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian leader called for a response to Moscow’s decision both at the UN level and at other levels, in particular, the G20 (G20), informs TASS.

For Zelensky, according to him, the retention of the status of a member of the G20 by the Russian Federation is “nonsense”, since it is not clear “how Russia can be among others in the G20”, where it “does not belong”.

Earlier, the United States, Canada and a number of other Western countries called for the exclusion of Russia from the G20, but this initiative could not be agreed upon. In particular, Indonesia, which chairs the G20, stressed that it would not allow the organization to split. The desire of the US authorities to isolate Russia from the international community do not support about half of the countries in the G20.

The Russian delegation will take part in the G20 summit, which will be held in November on the Indonesian island of Bali, although it has not yet been decided who will lead it.

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