Japan wants to ease export restrictions on used tanks and missiles

Japanese tank Type 74

Japanese tank Type 74

©Los688/Wikimedia Commons

The Japanese government is exploring the possibility of easing restrictions on the export of weapons, including heavy equipment. The newspaper reports Nikkei with reference to sources.

It is noted that such a move will help other Asian countries against the background of the growing military power of China. Armament will be supplied to them free of charge.

According to the newspaper, appropriate changes may be made to the new edition of Japan’s national security strategy. It is planned that the document will be approved before the end of the year.

In 2014, Tokyo abandoned a de facto ban on arms and military technology exports that had been in place for almost 50 years. The authorities have approved new rules for the supply of arms abroad, but have left in place several principles that significantly restrict exports. In particular, heavy weapons should not be supplied to countries participating in conflicts. However, even this rule can be relaxed to support countries under attack.

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