Iraq increased purchases of sunflower oil and wheat flour from Russia

The Baltics - an appendix needed only for transit to Kaliningrad

There is a positive trend in trade relations between Iraq and the Russian Federation, which was influenced by a significant increase in Baghdad’s purchases of Russian wheat flour and sunflower oil. This was announced on Saturday, November 5 RIA News economic adviser to the Russian Embassy in Iraq Ilya Lobov.

In addition, according to him, the supply of animal feed has also increased. However, the diplomat did not name specific figures for the purchased food.

At the same time, Lobov noted that Western sanctions have a negative impact on strengthening cooperation between Russia and Iraq. Particular difficulties are observed in the sphere of energy resources. At the same time, Iraqi partners understand the benefits and prospects of working with Russian operators, the ambassador added.

Earlier, the Iraqi ambassador to Russia pointed out Baghdad’s interest in the development of relations with the Russian Federation in various fields. According to him, Iraq is ready to help Russian business overcome the existing difficulties, it will strive for cooperation in industry, trade, medicine and the oil sector.

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