In Ukraine, they said that the movement of 218 ships on the “grain deal” was blocked

Vessel MV Kubrosli Y
©Vladimir Shtanko / ANADOLU AGENCY / Anadolu Agency via AFP / EastNews

The Ukrainian authorities do not have permission from the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul for the passage of ships through a safe corridor. In this regard, 218 ships with food, which are involved in the “grain deal”, remain blocked.

This was announced on Sunday, October 30, in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. According to the agency, 101 empty ships are awaiting inspection at the entrance to the ports of Ukraine. This is reported RIA News.

In addition, 95 ships are loaded with agricultural products. They, according to the action plan, had to pass the inspection and go to their destinations. Another 22 ships are waiting to leave Ukrainian ports.

Earlier, the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey reported that due to the suspension of Russia’s participation in the “grain deal”, the departure of ships with food from the ports of Ukraine will not be carried out.

Russia decided to suspend its participation in the “grain deal” concluded in Istanbul at the end of July. Moscow took this step because of Kyiv’s attempt to carry out a terrorist attack in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian side used the humanitarian corridor to export food from the territory of their country as a cover for the attack on the Sevastopol raid. During the attack, Ukrainian drones attacked ships of the Black Sea Fleet. The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that talking about a “grain deal” is possible after finding out the details of this attack.

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