In the Russian Federation, they proposed to give additional days off to the wives of those mobilized with children

Mom with children

The call as part of the partial mobilization of citizens of the Russian Federation with families has led to an increase in the burden on their spouses, especially if there are small children. This is stated in the appeal of the head of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Politics Anton Orlov to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov.

Orlov pointed out in a letter that on Thursday, November 3, quotes RT that the wives of mobilized citizens are now forced to completely independently solve domestic issues, engage in the upbringing and home education of children.

With this in mind, the author of the appeal proposed to provide the spouses of mobilized citizens who are dependent on children under the age of 14 with additional paid days off.

Orlov expressed the opinion that it would be advisable to do this before the New Year – from December 26 to 30. At the same time, the wages of working women for these days should be preserved, the letter emphasizes.

Earlier, a letter was sent to the head of the Russian government with proposals for a unified federal list benefits and measures to support the participants of the special operation in Ukraine and members of their families. The authors of the initiatives expressed the opinion that, regardless of the place of residence, each participant in the SVO should receive a single set of support measures and benefits. If some Russian regions lack their own funds for this, the difference should be covered by the federal budget.

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