In Russia, the maternity capital program was extended until the end of 2026

Maternal capital

Maternity capital in Russia in 2023 will be increased. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotyakov at a meeting on social issues with President Vladimir Putin.

According to him, the amount of payments for the first child will increase by 65 thousand rubles. compared to the current year and will amount to almost 590 thousand rubles, and in the second – about 780 thousand rubles. About this on Tuesday, November 8, writes RIA News.

The maternity capital program itself is being extended until the end of 2026, Putin stressed during the meeting. The Russian leader also said that from February 1 next year, monthly cash payments to the disabled and veterans will be indexed to the level of actual inflation.

In 2023 for the payment of capital will send more than 550 billion rubles. This year, 524.5 thousand rubles are paid for the first child under this program, 693.1 thousand rubles. – for the second, if the family did not receive mother capital for the first child. Otherwise, the amount reaches 168.6 thousand rubles.

Maternal capital is a form of state support for families with children. It appears from January 1, 2007 at the birth or adoption of a child with Russian citizenship. Matkapital, in particular, can be spent on the education of children and the improvement of living conditions.

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